An After-Thanksgiving Appropriate Cartoon
Friday — November 27th, 2009

An After-Thanksgiving Appropriate Cartoon

If you didn’t say something like this after the Thanksgiving meal, you didn’t do it right.


New Mooned

I Took the family to see New Moon this weekend.  It wasn’t that bad a movie overall, although I’m definitely not the target audience that the filmmakers had in mind. The best thing about the whole movie-going experience was the absolute joy that the audience had in being there.  They laughed at every silly joke, they screamed when ‘Jacob’ appeared without a shirt, and generally had a great time just participating in the movie experience.  I actually think I enjoyed the crowd more than I did the movie.

The numbers appeared online a little while back that said that New Moon earned over 140 Milllion in box office receipts for the weekend.  After sitting in the fully packed theater with an enthusiastic crowd, I can see why.  I had fun in spite of myself.   If the overall moviegoing experience for other movies was as good, I would go to the theaters much more often.

Going to Three - A -Week cartoons for Thanksgiving Week

This week I’ll have new cartoons posted on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, since I’m cutting back during Thanksgiving week.  Keep checking in.

Funny Comes in Many Flavors

I decided to post my gag cartoon efforts here along with the Lovehandles comic strip. I’ll still be posting the four-panel comics as well, but there are a lot of silly one-panel jokes that I need to get out of my system….

Let me know how you like the additional input.

Laying the First Brick

All good things have to start somewhere. I’m hoping that this is one of those somewheres.  Welcome to Lovehandles online, my comic strip about an American family fighting the daily battle to stay fit and healthy.

Lovehandles also runs in the newsletter for Hookele Personal Health Planners. You can check out their website here: Hookele Personal Health Planners