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New Mooned

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

I Took the family to see New Moon this weekend.  It wasn’t that bad a movie overall, although I’m definitely not the target audience that the filmmakers had in mind. The best thing about the whole movie-going experience was the absolute joy that the audience had in being there.  They laughed at every silly joke, they screamed when ‘Jacob’ appeared without a shirt, and generally had a great time just participating in the movie experience.  I actually think I enjoyed the crowd more than I did the movie.

The numbers appeared online a little while back that said that New Moon earned over 140 Milllion in box office receipts for the weekend.  After sitting in the fully packed theater with an enthusiastic crowd, I can see why.  I had fun in spite of myself.   If the overall moviegoing experience for other movies was as good, I would go to the theaters much more often.